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your legs are so long poesia & inglês they should come with their own elevator i don’t know from which cave of my brain nick cave took this line from ’cause yeah you must remember to be kind poesia & inglês what kind of guy am i? what’s this smile on my face? i sit on a bench in the closest park i watch the doves fly and I still don’t know what kind of what’s going on? poesia & inglês i wonder what your true name is and why do i call you blank space since we met since we developed this new age thing that is going on between us a this my most fundamental truth poesia & inglês yes i’m gonna say it but are you ready? yes this: i wasn’t sure i was talking but you you surely were listening the waves of the end poesia & inglês had yet to materialize but even then we could feel a slight change in the tide the war poesia & inglês you ask the impossible you’ve grown up believing in angels & gods i can’t keep promises i was designed to fail this is the truth and yet you’d the void poesia & inglês it’s had many names, the void: longing, the abrupt loss of interest, what was never there, what ceased to be. but one thing we never called it, one the time of death poesia & inglês it was the time of death but we we turned back the clock the sixth day poesia & inglês from the rags of my skin comes my story clawing my flesh & muscles crushing my skull and bones while my head burns as wildfire and i stare into the the once and future king poesia & inglês you’re objectified by your feelings a ball changing hands all the time dropping on the floor being kicked by the children you’re the byproduct of the message poesia & inglês this i knew: god was absent and her son had messed up the message when he came unto us he was to have taught that we have the right of coming too the limit poesia & inglês this is not patti smith this is the limit yes there’s a limit this is the edge one step more and you could drop dead this is the abyss a cliff a the leap poesia & inglês find me fuck me once more force me to do things i don’t want (as long as i want to) follow me to the abyss jump and fall fall fall while i stop at the blue room poesia & inglês my father once told me that to die is to live a sequence of a thousand departures to mourn the ones we’ve lost on the way to dig graves for unborn telephone poesia & inglês note that I didn’t call before ’cause everything is a mess these days dialing… do you know how hard it is? phones ringing like sonorous metaphors seeds poesia & inglês she came in the night her shadow all made of light bolts coming out of her eyes she had a hard & thick skin the soil where i chose to plant my rage poesia & inglês i welcome my rage as an old friend we drink coffee together we discuss the many wars the constant hungry what i’ve done with myself we hug each quit poesia & inglês i wrote a message saying i quit more than once but i didn’t send it i didn’t send it because it wasn’t the right time i didn’t send it because it no one sees you poesia & inglês and you start wondering why is that? maybe you’ve become some sort of ghost maybe your skin is now so translucent that people see nebuchadnezzar poesia & inglês we should call this what it is: a warm meal, rags of clothes on a salvation army counter, a tombstone where the offspring of nebuchadnezzar await metaphors poesia & inglês another metaphor yes yes i know once again here we are a screen a paper a black ink pen metaphors for the sake of god thirty-four of them a single magnify poesia & inglês the first time i saw you i knew you would be trouble a rosebud that could have made even kane cry shady woman full of ecstasy contemplating some love poesia & inglês you touch the unspeakable we call it love liquidness poesia & inglês i am told you want to survive all this but there’s a lack of lifeboats and to live is now to eradicate the difference between a wave and a shore to i’d like to fight you until i draw blood poesia & inglês and i’d like to ask after: why is my chest open? why has my heart stopped ignition poesia & inglês i wanna be known by my misdeeds by the sins that will never leave my skin, the mark of cain in my forehead pronouncing a cataclysm, announcing the i wanna see a heretic burn before midnight poesia & inglês i wanna get the torch and light the fire i wanna believe this is nothing but divine justice i wanna be i drew on your back with my fingernails poesia & inglês those red-turned-pink lines you asked me to now whenever i look at you i can’t help to think that i made i bought my feelings for you at a convenience store poesia & inglês where they used to sell all kinds of cheap stuff i just didn’t know that what i had bought years flaming poesia & inglês you say, i say doesn’t matter we know a bit less every day i seek to understand what do i want where should i play i have no clue everything aches eye medicine poesia & inglês i need you to see me as if i were a poster on the wall of an unaffordable eye doctor i need you to read me as well as you can and even if you can’t each word is a god poesia & inglês who demands to be worshiped and it’s funny that it was our words our awe for each other what taught us to use the knees for climax poesia & inglês if this feeling had a name it would borrow all its letters from your name and the sentence in which it was written would be the sentence of your beautiful prison poesia & inglês like the day when the night comes everything has to end even life in the absence of death is prison asleep poesia & inglês i dreamt of your body adrift on a far-flung shore i cut every piece of it with a knife made of thoughts what a waste of time what a senseless as above so below poesia & inglês no power on earth can keep you from dreaming with the sky a spell poesia & inglês i wanna be hold tight i wanna feel i can lose everything and yet all i need will remain with me i wanna spell a word so beautiful it will charm my a midnight cadillac poesia & inglês drives through a party that never ends under a sky where there are more stars than hours in an hourglass (you could have left